Powers Of Authority

Powers of Authority

As per rule 23 of Piunjab Consumer Protection Act,2005
1. Any person may file a complaint for violation of the provision of following sections of Punjab Consumer Protection Act, 2005.

Section 11: Duty of disclosure of products
Section 16: Duty of disclosure of services
Section 18: Prices to be exhibited at the business place
Section 19: Receipt to be issued to the purchaser
Before the authority that, on being satisfied that such is the case, fine the violator that may extend to fifty thousand rupees and which may be recovered as arrears of land revenue.
2.The Authority may file a claim for declaring a product defective under section

Section 4: Liability for the defective products

Section 5: Defective in construction or composition

Section 6: Defective design

Section 7: Defective because of inadequate warning

Section 8: Defective because of non-conformity to express warranty

Or a service as faulty or defective under section

Section 13: Liability for faulty of defective Services

Without proof of any damage actually suffered by consumer but likely to be suffered keeping in view general standard of the service.
3.The Authority may file a claim before the Consumer Court for declaring any act on the part of any person as being in contravention to Part IV of this Punjab Consumer Protection Act,2005 without proof of any damage actually suffered but likely to be suffered due to the said contravention.
4.The Authority on receipt of complaints or a reference from the Consumer Protection Council or on his own motion may hold an inquiry as to defects in products or services or practices which contravene any of the provisions of this Punjab Consumer Protection Act,2005. No prior notice shall be required to be given to a manufacture or provider of services for the purposes of holding an inquiry.
5.The Authority, while holding an inquiry, may direct the police or any other officer or authority of the Government to gather such evidences as it deems necessary or to perform function in accordance with law which have an impact on the inquiry.
6.The Authority may delegate his powers under this Punjab Consumer Protection Act, 2005 through a notification to any officer of the Government with its prior approval.
7. Any person aggrieved by the order passed under sub section (1) may file an appeal before the Government within thirty days of such order.