Director's Message

In the present era, protection and promotion of consumer rights is among the priorities. The dishonest elements in the society are minting money by trading wrongly and thus exploiting the consumers through sale of defective products and provision of faulty services. Such disruptive elements also pose a serious threat to the health and security of the community. It is the basic responsibility of all to protect the public from such deep-rooted exploitation in the mostly unchecked market system prevalent these days. In this context, the Government of the Punjab has been/ is taking initiatives to protect the rights of consumers against defective products and faulty services through enactment of Punjab Consumer Protection Act and strengthening it through the Directorate of Consumer Protection Council, Consumer Courts & the District Consumer Protection Councils, in order to provide prompt justice to the consumers for redressal of their grievances against defective products and faulty services. The Directorate of Provincial Consumer Protection Council is at the forefront by implementing the Punjab Consumer Protection Act, 2005 across the Province.

I pray for the success of the system as consequences of its achievements will result in satisfaction of the consumers which is definitely the true foundation of a healthy economy and prosperous society.

Asif Ali Farrukh